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Discover the Difference Nature Makes

Strain Crafted Medicinals is a leading Organic Medical Marijuana Caregiver business located in South Berwick, Maine. We work with a small group of trusted medical marijuana cultivators to bring the freshest, and finest organic marijuana products to our growing community of shoppers.


Since we first started operating in 2022, we’ve seen a great deal of change in the local medical marijuana scene and we’re proud to be playing our part in helping to alter tastes and perceptions about what medical marijuana edibles should be. Our mission is to bring the highest quality edibles on the market for the best prices. Come and visit us in person to experience Strain Crafted Medicinals' Marijuana Rosin Shop for yourself.


Why is Strain Crafted Medicinals' Marijuana Rosin Shop different from dispensaries? Strain Crafted Medicinals is a Caregiver business, and we offer a service that isn't common in dispensaries. Our purpose is to provide an alternative wellness service to patients based on understanding the products available in the market and only offer chemical-free edibles on our menu. 

Strain Crafted Medicinals specializes in manufacturing organic, hand-crafted, strain specific medical marijuana edibles. Our edibles are micro-dosed, effective, and potent because our edibles are manufactured with the purest, cleanest, and highest quality concentrate available on the market. All of our edibles are lab tested to provide consistent and medical dosing for patient's needs.

Never Touched 
by Chemicals

It is our purpose to provide chemical-free and organic products at Strain Crafted Medicinals' Marijuana Rosin Shop. All of our edibles are manufactured using a chemical-free extraction process to ensure that they can be enjoyed by a patient in the most natural form possible. Strain Crafted Medicinals guarantees that every edible we manufacture contains gourmet chocolate, organic dried fruits, organic cocoa butter, and are always 100% chemical-free.

It is with great pleasure to offer medical marijuana edibles to patients as they should be with gourmet and organic food ingredients and manufactured without the use of chemicals! Contact us today and make your appointment at Southern Maine's premier private Caregiver meeting location. 

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