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Garlic Grove Chocolate Rosin Bites with blueberries come in a child-proof, sealed package of 12 rosin bites per package. Our Garlic Grove Rosin Bites are made with organic marijuana and test at a THC potency of 17.2 MG per rosin bite. Each package contains +/- 200 mg of THC.


Garlic Grove Strain Information:


  • Indica-dominant
  • 32% THC 
  • GMO cookies x Legend Orange Apricot
  • Garlic Grove is a strain that will help the user feel elated (happy/euphoric) and relaxed. It can help stimulate the appetite and at higher doses can help with sleep. It has a funky aroma, with lots of sour citrus, hints of savory garlic and herbs, and an overall diesel funk.

Blueberry Garlic Grove Rosin Bites

  • Strain Crafted Medicinals is excited to present THC-infused edibles made with organic marijuana!

    Our Rosin Bites are strain specific and made with solventless, organic flower rosin. The Rosin Bites are lab tested for THC potency and are made with 100% organic cocoa butter. Please try our gourmet Rosin Bites made in small batches to assure quality. 

    Flower rosin is a pure cannabis concentrate made without any solvents. What makes rosin unique is that it is the cleanest and purest type of concentrate. Rosin’s is created with no added chemicals and because of that, it is therefore healthier than other extracts as well as safer and quicker to make. Utilizing nothing other than heat and pressure, it is no wonder why it is becoming one of the most sought-after concentrates on the market today.

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