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Blueberry Starfighter Cheese Strain Information:


  • Indica-dominant (70% Indica/30% Sativa)
  • 23% THC
  • Blueberry Starfighter x Exodus Cheese
  • Blueberry Starfighter Cheese is a beautiful marijuana strain that combines the classic indica-dominant blueberry strain with the slightly indica-dominant Starfighter, then crossed bred with the slighlty sativa-dominant Exodus Cheese. This rare strain is terpene-rich and smells just like the aroma of fresh blueberries. Try Blueberry Starfighter Cheese today, it won't last long!


Blueberry is a popular, flavor-forward indica hybrid with a strong genetic backbone. It is a three-way cross between an indica Afghani parent and sativa Thai and Purple Thai variant parents. Blueberry was originally developed in the 1970s or 80s by DJ Short, a mysterious but prolific breeder who’s been dubbed the "Willy Wonka of pot.” Blueberry is distinguished by an unmistakable fresh blueberry smell and taste that have made it an enduring favorite. Blueberry is popular nationwide. It won top marks in the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica and best strain overall. Blueberry has a THC content that ranges between 15% and 24%.


Starfighter is an indica-dominant hybrid whose combined obscurity and quality have garnered this strain quite the reputation among growers and connoisseurs alike. Bred by Alien Genetics, Starfighter mixes genetics from Alien Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg to create a sweetly aromatic, uplifting hybrid that boasts its potency with a sparkling coat of star-like trichomes.


Exodus Cheese, generally known as simply “Cheese” or “UK Cheese,” is the original clone-only strain that originated in Southern England sometime during the late 1980's or early 90's. Said to be grown from a packet of Sensi Seeds Skunk #1, it is known for its high yields, potency and distinct, overwhelmingly strong cheese-like odor. Though the identity of the original grower is still debated, at some point in the early 90's the cannabis lifestyle activists based in Luton calling themselves Exodus acquired some clones of Cheese and from there it rapidly became one of the most popular and sought after varieties in the UK. Since then many breeders have created seed lines using Cheese, while the original clone is still found in grow rooms around the globe.


Organic Blueberry Starfighter Cheese

SKU: 0006
  • Strain Crafted Medicinals is proud to have organically grown Bluberry Starfighter Cheese by Leaf Labs LLC. Blueberry Starfighter Cheese is available for $30 per eigth and $200 per ounce.

  • Leaf Labs LLC.

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